The Newest Trading Signals Released from 20th CPC National Congress

Opened on Oct.17, 2022 in Beijing, the 20th CPC (The Communist Party of China) National Congress is bringing courage as well as the latest direction to the Trade industry. During the congress, Xi Jinping, the current chairman of China, stated that China will steadily expand the door of opening and encourage frequent international import and export.

China Will Be More Open!

The report of the 20th National Congress gave a clear description of the future map of China’s opening.

1 Promoting a high level of opening up means that after the 20th National Congress, the door of trade will be further opened.

2 In terms of the connotation of high-level opening, the report has two brand new points.One is to steadily expand the institutional openness of rules, regulations, management and standards. The second is to maintain a diversified and stable international economic pattern.

3 High-quality developments by jointly building the “the Belt and Road”.

The congress, no doubt, has brought good news to international trade, which is the effort China has made to improve the world economy. On the other hand, the congress does bring some pressure to export and import.

Any Change to The Epidemic Policy?

The answer is No. During the congress, it is reaffirmed that the Epidemic Policy will be firmly continuing in China, as a basic state policy. This indicates that there might be a risk of a similar situation to Dalian before. The 5-month lockdown in Dalian, starting from 12.2021, could be the nightmare of every international trader.

However, things are getting better. As experiences gained, China is improving its epidemic policy on the basis of zero-covid policy. Although the aim is still to cut the spread through lockdown, the ways are getting much gentler and reasonable, controlling the disruption to minimal.

It is worth noting that the Covid virus is spreading recently in some important port cities in China, for example Ningbo. The good news is that the ports are still operating smoothly, even with some staff locked at home. Most jobs are currently done remotely which is the reason for relatively slow customs clearance time.

In spite of the fact that the government is striving to maintain the order of the ports while controlling the spread of disease, we sincerely suggest our clients to be aware of the potential possibility of trade disruption. It will be sensible if you leave at least 14 extra days when calculating the ETA, since 14 days is now the maximum length of lockdown in China. Ocean Treasure will keep bringing latest news in China. Follow us to catch every signal!

Ocean Treasure’s Point of View

With the new direction pointed by the 20th National Congress, exporting and importing with China is going to be easier and more beneficial for sure.

Plus, the low level of current freight is lowering the cost and the following big festivals (e.g., Christmas, New Year, Easter Day, etc.) is expanding the market demands, now is what we call ‘good timing’. To take this opportunity, Ocean Treasure strongly suggests you take action and put order to purchase without hesitation. According to past orders, tilapia and mackerel are among the most welcomed products at this point, which are also our star products. Kindly see the specifications below:

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