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As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand for seafood has placed increasing pressure on marine ecosystems and fisheries. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change have raised concerns about the long-term sustainability of our oceans as a source of food. Livelihood for millions of people worldwide

However, the documentary “Fishing Smarter” sheds light on innovative digital technology solutions that are innovating fisheries, promoting sustainability, profitability, and community resilience.

A Global Perspective

“Fishing Smarter” is a short film that shows the lives of fishermen from various places like the US and Indonesia. Fishermen are using advanced technology like AI and the Internet to solve problems in wild-capture fisheries. By embracing innovation, they are striving to ensure a healthy future for both their ecosystems and their livelihoods.

Sustainability and Profitability

“Fishing Smarter” aims to use digital technology to achieve both sustainability and profitability in fisheries. Billions depend on oceans for food. We need sustainable ways to manage fish populations. Leveraging modern tools and data-driven approaches can mitigate overfishing, one of the primary threats to marine life.


The documentary highlights SmartPass, a groundbreaking technology created by EDF and its partners, as a new fishery monitoring method. Using shore-based cameras and machine learning, SmartPass provides near real-time estimates of marine recreational fishing effort. This empowers fishery managers with accurate data to make informed decisions for sustainable management of recreational fisheries.

Electronic Monitoring on Fishing Boats

The use of electronic monitoring systems, such as video monitoring on fishing boats, is another vital aspect explored in the documentary. Scientists, managers, and fishermen are collaborating to develop efficient systems for tracking and monitoring fishing activities. This collaboration is happening despite the challenges presented by different fishing vessel designs and fishery regulations. The implementation of these technologies ensures timely and accurate data collection, vital for sustainable fisheries management.

Global Impact

The documentary acknowledges that fisheries worldwide face challenges that extend beyond any one region. By featuring success stories from various countries, “Fishing Smarter” highlights the global impact of digital technology on fisheries. New technology is helping to manage crab in Indonesia and curvina in Mexico’s Gulf of California, making a big impact.


Using new technology to fish smarter can bring hope to our oceans and fisheries facing challenges. By embracing digital technology solutions, fishermen and fishery managers worldwide are actively working towards a more sustainable and profitable future. Our oceans’ health and the well-being of communities depend on using modern technology responsibly and intelligently.

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