The domestic import price of vannamei in China is definitely high until the Chinese New Year

The domestic import price of vannamei is rising unstoppably.

Recently, the global vannamei shrimp market is scorching, and the raw material prices of vannamei have been rising. In several countries, raw material catching is limited, making the entire market of vannamei increased to varying degrees.

Indian Vannamei

The Indian vannamei we mentioned last time has been affected by the demand from the Chinese and American markets, and the price has risen a lot. Besides, there has been a flood in Andhra Pradesh in India.  The raw material situation is not very optimistic. There will be a hurricane on Thursday, which can be worse for Indian vannamei farming. The harvest of Indian vannamei in the next half month will be very poor.

Peru Vannamei

Peru could only make quotations at the beginning of November, but now it starts to offer quotes in mid-October. Factories in Peru have already seen the signs of a bullish market; that’s why they hurry up and start quotations to catch up with the Chinese New Year’s shipping schedule and other market demands. Compared to Ecuador vannamei, Peru is still relatively high, so the competitive advantage is not apparent.


The Mexican vannamei shrimp has no quotation yet. According to the information obtained by Ocean Treasure, the factory will still increase the quote according to the previous price analysis. Same situation for Venezuelan vannamei shrimp. The corresponding quotation has not been given yet. Since China’s imports also require nucleic acid testing, this also increases the cost and risk of exporting vannamei to China. Due to the limited raw material, it is foreseeable that China’s import price of vannamei will increase.


Recently, vannamei’s price has risen, and many buyers want to make vannamei futures. Here, Ocean treasure especially reminds all that the risk of Vannamei futures in this situation is too high. The premise of stable futures needs long-lasting raw materials future to support. Ocean Treasure recommends buying seafood with stocks according to the current raw material situation and price trends of vannamei shrimp. Futures are precarious, prices are too unstable, and the raw material production in many regions is not high. The supplier is likely to decline the contract due to the actual situation in the later period. Domestic vannamei importers: the available products and shipping schedules are our focus. Please pay attention.

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