Specifications and Packaging Design

When an order is confirmed and before to start the production, we will send you a complete specification sheet to guarantee that your products are precisely processed according to your own requirement. 

We will also discuss and agree together about your own packaging. Ocean Treasure maintains a professional packaging department with full knowledge concerning the packaging regulations in the major market, such as EU, USA, Canada, and Latin America. 

We are able to assist you in the design of the packaging of your products; helping you to create, modify or update your desired artwork. Our skillful designers will create attractive designs to allow you to have beautiful packaging designs, in order to increase your marketability.

The safe materials will be utilized in our packages from low-cost to premium types:

  • Bulk (water proof master carton)
  • Rider label bag
  • Color printed bag
  • Re-sealable pack
  • Printed paper box, etc.

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