Management Team

Ocean Treasure’s team is composed of persons from different countries, with different background bringing to the company a certain European way of working in China, which enables Ocean Treasure to have a trustworthy organization for employees, customers, partners, and investors. 

Executive Team

Mr. Oliver Nikolovski

the chief executive officer, is one of the founder and president of Ocean Treasure. He is from France, holding a master degree in International Management.

He conveys to the company the European management way which is recognized and appreciated by overseas clients.

His philosophy is “superior products and services must be delivered in order to achieve clients’ satisfactions. We serve to deserve.”

Mr. Shule Zhang

executive director, is also the founder of Ocean Treasure. 

Mr Zhang is from Jiangsu, China (the heart of the seafood industry). He obtained a master Degree in Food Production Management from Nottingham University, UK. With adequate executive experience in UK, Thailand, and China, Mr. Zhang has been an important role in the international management system of Ocean treasure.

Sales Team

Our Sales department is composed by a multilingual team of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Yugoslavian and Chinese native speakers. They receive the specific needs from our customers, conduct precise and swift communications, provides total services, and consequently brings satisfactions to our clients.


Ocean Treasure's QC team is trustfully one of the strongest in China. Our systemic and efficient QC service at present is available for any clients. Under our strict QC control, we will ensure your products under the correct processing, proper loading, on-time delivery, and the arrival in good condition.

Marketing team

Ocean Treasure has a strong Marketing team composed by European and Chinese members. They provide to our customers: personalized packaging designs, customized documentations, according to their need.  Our professional team is also daily working on R&D and product innovation, to give to our client the best products on the Asian Market.

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