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Seafood Buyer
Saturday, March 30, 2013 to Friday, March 13, 2015

Require - Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the company's seafood procurement business and supplier's primary.
  2. Responsible for purchasing, keep up with the goods prices status and trends.
  3. Establish and maintain good relationship with suppliers and follow up the project schedule, and know the product requirements.
  4. Control the purchase cost, ensure purchasing quality, plan purchasing process.
  5. Have market information and supplier development, optimize wholesale channels, reduce procurement costs, the organization to supplier investigation, evaluation and management.
  6. Evaluate and negotiate purchase contract , audit the related terms.
  7. Provide complete procurement information, cooperate the declaration and logistics work.
  8. Responsible for purchasing contract and sorting supplier information.


  1. Proficient in both spoken and written English.(English must pass CET6)
  2. Strong negotiation and strain capacity, good at organizing, coordinating and using of various resources.
  3. Good organizational ability, positive, confident, independent thinking and with teamwork spirit.
  4. Sincere and hard working, can work well under great pressure.
  5. Have experience in purchasing is preferred.

Please send your resume in both English and Chinese, and indicate the position applied in English. (Mail all written in English). Please send to, copy to

The first interview will be carried out in English by phone first. Please be prepared within 24 hours after your resume is submitted. The job will not be offered to any individuals with poor English. Please submit the resume according to your true level.

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